SLEDDSlow Low-Efficient Daily Dialysis
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The functions on the shield are then utilized by a light disk "app" (LDA(TM)) that the consumer downloads into the AVR microcontroller via the SLEDD's integrated USB connector - fully defining SLEDD functionality.
One of the first apps/shield combinations being planned, as a crowdfunding stretch goal, enables the remote control of a SLEDD using a standard Android or iPhone mobile device for such functions as on, off, dimming, timed functions, etc.
A set of basic, free, apps are planned, enabling the SLEDD to perform simple tasks, such as using the AVR's on-board timer to turn its LEDs on or off at defined intervals.
Developers creating hardware shields, SLEDD LDAs, and smartphone apps, will then offer them to consumers via NliteN's iLumens(TM) online store, with a portion of each purchase returning an attractive royalty to its developer.