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Luke's Episcopal Hospital (SLEH) announced that they have performed an investigational procedure on six patients in a new FDA-approved clinical trial to evaluate therapy that uses regenerative cells derived from a patient's own adipose (body fat) tissue to treat a severe form of heart failure.
Another cyberdissident, Sleh Edine Kchouk, linked to the Tunisian General Students' Union (UGET) was taken in for questioning in the town Bizerte and had his computer confiscated.
heh 'high', neh 'nigh', peh 'thigh', and also sheh 'shy', sleh 'sly', slehp 'sleight', the last three poorly evidenced in the Middle English texts.
The inaugural evening was marked by a tribute to a plethora of Tunisian theatre men and women, namely, Dalila Meftahi, Saida Hammi, Sabeh Bouzouita, Fatiha Mehdaoui, Faouzia Thabet, Bahri Rahali, Anwar Chaafi, Sleh Msadak, Arayssi Mohamed Nouir and Noureddine Ouergui.