SLEMASri Lanka Energy Managers Association (est. 1984; Sri Lanka)
SLEMASchiffli Lace and Embroidery Manufacturers Association
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We spent more than three years in the making, the research part is approved by Darah, and reviewed by Awaidhah Al-Juhani at King Saud University with support of Abdulaziz bin Slema at the Ministry of Culture and Information" he observed.
Southey's next three lines are almost literally reflected in Puskin's eighth stanza, but Puskin's action is much more vivid and dramatic: Southey's "The arrows pass'd him by to fight and left, / The spear-point pierced him not, the scymitar / Glanced from his helmet" is smoothly but more vigorously rendered by "And all around the arrows whistled, / Not touching him, / Past the javelins flew, / His helmet the sword did not cleave" ("I krugom svistali strely, / Ne kasajasja ego, / Mimo drotiki letali, / Slema mec ne rassekal").
Les candidats aux derniers tours representant l'equipe de la coalition au pouvoir sont Mohammed Ali Slema (19 ans, parti Nidaa Tounes) , Ghofrane Farhat (21ans mouvement Ennahdha) et Slim Amara (18 ans, Afek Tounes).