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SLEPService Life Extension Program (US)
SLEPSarnia Lambton Economic Partnership (Canada)
SLEPSecondary Level English Proficiency (Educational Testing Service)
SLEPShelf Life Extension Program
SLEPService Life Enhancement Program
SLEPState and Local Exercise Program (US FEMA)
SLEPStockpile Life Extension Program
SLEPShuttle Life Extension Program
SLEPShip Life Extension Program
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At the time, the plan was for the platform to transition straight into a SLEP, but in an effort to expedite the process, the program office decided in 2016 to give the F/A-18E-F a more-comprehensive SLM, with Boeing--the aircraft's manufacturer--responsible for the entire process.
In Section 4, we prove a Lyapunov type inequality for a fractional CFR difference boundary value problem of order 2 < [alpha] [less than or equal to] 3 and give an application to the fractional difference Sturm-Liouville Eigenvalue problem (SLEP) to enrich the applicability of our proven Lyapunov inequality in the frame of fractional difference operators with discrete exponential kernels.
The Food and Drug Administration administers the shelf-life extension program (SLEP) for the U.S.
To help reduce this problem, the Food and Drug Administration administers the shelf-life extension program (SLEP) for the U.S.
In turn, engaged couples have an increased probability of becoming involved in a violent relationship in the future (Gomez 2011; O'Leary and Slep 2011; Whitaker et al.
[14], and the SGGM was implemented using the SLEP toolbox [23].
The columns for "SLEP" (Service Life Extension Program) show the cost of conducting a major overhaul of the CHARLIE fleet and the percentage of [I.sub.A] overhauled each year.
The basis of this perspective is largely derived from studies and writings that consistently show that African American mothers use more physical discipline than White American mothers (Bartz & Levine, 1978; Day, Peterson, & McCracken, 1998; Lansford, Deater-Deckard, Dodge, Bates, & Pettit, 2004; Lorber, O'Leary, & Smith Slep, 2011; McLoyd & Smith, 2002).
Often individuals indicate in surveys, diaries, or interviews if an argument was resolved (e.g., Lloyd, 1990; McGinn, McFarland & Christianson, 2009; Mitnick, Heyman, Malik & Slep, 2009).
The Barangay Line Enhancement Program (BLEP) and the Sitio Electrification Program (SLEP) are President Aquino's pronounced commitment to the Filipino people that by the end of his term, all barangays and sitios nationwide will be energized.