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SLEPService Life Extension Program (US)
SLEPSecondary Level English Proficiency (Educational Testing Service)
SLEPShelf Life Extension Program
SLEPService Life Enhancement Program
SLEPStockpile Life Extension Program
SLEPShuttle Life Extension Program
SLEPShip Life Extension Program
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At the time, the plan was for the platform to transition straight into a SLEP, but in an effort to expedite the process, the program office decided in 2016 to give the F/A-18E-F a more-comprehensive SLM, with Boeing--the aircraft's manufacturer--responsible for the entire process.
Having already successfully completed 15 LCAC SLEP availabilities it is tremendously gratifying to again be able to assist in breathing new life into these vital ship-to-shore mobilization assets.
Validation of the extended flight hour limit directly supports the SLEP goal of extending the service life of up to 300 F-16C/D Block 40-52 aircraft.
Currently there are 81 LCACs in US Navy's inventory, of which 72 are planned to go through the SLEP programme to stretch their lives by 10 years.
Aselco is expecting P114 million in funds this month to implement the second stage of BLEP and SLEP that will benefit at least 107 sub-villages and three villages.
The Air Force has embarked on a process to determine future ICBM needs; this will support the decision for the MM III SLEP (service life extension program) or new ICBM development in the 2015 time frame.
MED does participate in the DOD SLEP program, which covers some of the medications purchased by MED and kept at post in reserve for emergencies, such as Tamiflu, nerve agent antidotes and others.
The SLEP and Binational Commission meetings are supplemented by regular meetings between the U.
Among the weapon systems and platforms needed are the CH-53 SLEP, the MV-22, the AAAV, over-the-horizon command and control, combat service support, mine countermeasures, indirect fire support, a replacement vehicle for the LAV and the M1 tank, mid a light truck that fits inside the MV-22.
The SLEP has documented that the actual shelf lives for some drug formulations exceed the times dictated by the labeled expiration dates (under ideal storage conditions).
Despite the Navy announcing plans to kill the AIP in FY00, more AIP packages are still expected, in conjunction with a P-3 SLEP (Service Life Extension Program).