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SLEPService Life Extension Program (US)
SLEPSecondary Level English Proficiency (Educational Testing Service)
SLEPShelf Life Extension Program
SLEPService Life Enhancement Program
SLEPStockpile Life Extension Program
SLEPShuttle Life Extension Program
SLEPShip Life Extension Program
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The purpose of the LCAC SLEP is to extend the platform's service life for another decade, increasing its life expectancy to 30 years by sustaining and enhancing craft capability, replacing obsolete electronics, repairing corrosion damage, increasing survivability and establishing a common configuration baseline.
The second piece of the SLEP upgrade is all improved thermal sight system, with a second-generation forward-looking infrared sensor, now in development by the Raytheon Co.
NADEP North Island will perform the SLEP on two Greyhounds in 2002 as part of the validation and verification process, followed by two aircraft in 2003 and four in 2004, reaching an eventual total of six per year.
The MH-60 Blackhawk fleet will begin a major SLEP during the year.
All Stinger missile components would be substituted by the SLEP, susceptible to degradation because of aging (to include the flight motor) providing a missile with a 10 year shelf life.
A Marine Corps/Navy ream currently is formulating a CH-53E SLEP operational requirements document.
The Corps will spend several million dollars on a so-called service life-extension program, or SLEP.
A SLEP would extend the service life of the helicopter from 7,000 to 20,000 flying hours.
Funding for the SLEP will be available in the fiscal 2002 budget.
The source said the Corps is conducting a "business case analysis" and a SLEP program would not be funded, at the earliest, until fiscal 2003.
The plan always was to merge SRP into a SLEP program in fiscal year 2002," said Hill.
Under these awards, L-3 Unidyne will implement SLEP upgrades and modifications to five craft beginning in FY06, with options for six more craft beginning in FY07 at Assault Craft Unit 4 (ACU 4) in Little Creek, VA and ACU 5 in Camp Pendleton, CA.