SLERTSUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time
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The inclusion of elderly subjects and larger sample sizes will occur after the system functionality of SLERT has been validated and the design of the system has been optimized.
Future studies could focus on neuromuscular functional retraining for the elderly user and on the procurement of larger sample sizes to provide convincing evidence of the effectiveness of the SLERT in obtaining significant and impactful results.
Abbreviations: 3-D = three-dimensional, abd-add = abduction-adduction, ARMin = arm therapy robot, CADEN = cable-actuated dexterous exoskeleton for neurorehabilitation, CCD = charge-coupled display, DOF = degree of freedom, EMG = electromyography, flx-ext = flexion-extension, ITRI = Industrial Technology Research Institute, L-Exos = light exoskeleton, PMA = pneumatic muscle actuator, SLERT = spring-loaded exoskeleton for resistance training, T-WREX = Therapy Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton.