SLFFSilver Lake Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)
SLFFSemaine de la Langue Française et de la Francophonie (French: French Language and Francophone Week; Switzerland)
SLFFSouthern Luzon Fishermen Foundation Inc.
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Final winner would grab the "Premier Football Thinacheithi Challenge Trophy - 2016" awarded in collaboration with SLFF.
5 million project- SLFF informed at the last minute that only four teams (namely Saunders Sports Club, Java Lane, Colombo FC and Crystal Place) have indicated their willingness to play in the Tournament to be held in Valvetiturai.
SLFF insisted that transport arrangements to be provided by Thinacheithi for the four visiting teams (each team would have 20 players and five officials) to Valvetiturai and back and also food, lodging and other facilities has to be borne by Thinacheithi.
Thinacheithi was also informed that Cargills Ceylon (which entered into an agreement with SLFF as the National Football Sponsor) has decided not to be a part of the Thinacheithi organized Tournament.
Thinacheithi was told of SLFF's agreement with Cargills Ceylon as national football sponsor and it was stipulated that Cargills could come forward to sponsor or be part of the sponsorships of all tournaments initiated by the SLFF.
Thinacheithi is at a loss to know what measures SLFF initiated against Cargills for refusing to be a part of the Football Tournament organized by Thinacheithi.
Thinacheithi in its discussions with the SLFF was clear that it would not involve with their 10 football leagues in the Province and would work only with the SLFF.
Only a part of the SLFF drivers will take part in the strike while the rest will not be working any overtime between 1 November and 11 January, reported the Swedish news service TT.