SLFPSri Lanka Freedom Party
SLFPSyndicat Libre de la Fonction Publique
SLFPSaint Louis Front Page (publication; St. Louis, MO)
SLFPSacred Land Film Project (Earth Island Institute; Berkeley, CA)
SLFPSerial Line Framing Protocol
SLFPService Leadership Fellows Program (est. 2002; Harvard Business School; Harvard University; Cambridge, MA)
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several fellow defectors from the SLFP, has called on lawmakers from
I have decided to re-enter active politics to help bring down a corrupt regime," said Kumaratunga who has kept a low profile since handing over the leadership of the SLFP to Rajapakse in 2005.
Considering the technology landscape, SLFP decided to enhance its brand digitally.
The SLFP government suppressed the revolt and declared a state of emergency that lasted 6 years.
In a front-page editorial, The Island newspaper said, ''If the SLFP and UNP could agree on a political solution and offer it jointly to the LTTE, the Tigers will be left without excuses for continued bloodletting.
It was unilaterally abrogated by Bandaranaike under severe pressure from the UNP--which seized the opportunity to turn the tables on the SLFP prime minister by launching a mass agitation against his alleged capitulation to the Tamils--and from the Buddhist clergy, which sent hundreds of monks to surround Bandaranaike's house until he relented.
Sri Lanka's parliamentary yearbook records that hers was a ''meteoric rise in politics,'' accompanied by a similar ''speedy downfall'' of Bandaranaike, who, disgusted by the turn of events in his parents' party, quit the SLFP in 1993 and joined the then ruling United National Party (UNP) government as minister of Higher Education.
Rajapakse had decided to contest under the Sri Lanka Labour Party after failing to secure the full support of the SLFP to be their prime ministerial candidate at the polls.
SLFP developed the quiz to help sales agents establish the financial needs of their clients and suggest the appropriate financial products--and ultimately to close sales.
In 1967 at the relatively tender age of 22, he was appointed as the SLFP candidate for Beliatta after his father's death.
The SLFP, however, envisions a broader role for the state in general.
One of the distinctive aspects of Sri Lankan electoral politics since 1948 when Sri Lanka gained independence from the British colonial rule to 1977 has been the emergence of the Center-Left alliance led by SLFP (Sri Lanka Freedom Party) that faced severe drubbing at the electoral hustings and which in turn resulted in the rise of de facto two party system.