SLFRSprintLink Frame Relay (Sprint)
SLFRSaint Louis Frontrunners (Saint Louis, MO)
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The data for variable SLFR are the percentage of federally insured S&Ls that failed in either the first half or the second half of each year that was studied.
To provide economic meaning to the estimated vectors, the cointegrated vectors are normalized by dividing each vector by its value of the reported SLFR coefficient.
Prior to his current position, Eickhoff was most recently senior vice president of business development and marketing at SLFR, which he joined in 1998.
Sallie Mae, in an effort to grow its primary market share, has worked closely with SLFR to leverage its relationships with schools in the Ohio region.
SLFR is the eighth largest holder of federal student loans in the nation with a $3 billion portfolio.
SLFR will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Sallie Mae and will maintain its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.