SLGASaskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority
SLGAScottish Ladies' Golfing Association
SLGASaint Louis Gallery Association
SLGAScottish Local Government Area
SLGASwedish Links-Golf Association
SLGASt. Lucia Golf Association
SLGASingle Lateral Giant Axon (cells)
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Arif Mustafa Jatoi, a member of opposition's Grand Democratic Alliance, had asked if the SLGO of the martial law regime and the current SLGA were similar laws.
Referring to the chief minister's statement that the mayor should increase KMC's recovery, Akhtar said that the city could not be run under the resources and departments given under SLGA 2013 and asked for the departments which had been taken from under KMC, to be returned.
Bu calismanin amaci, DDA'li bebeklerde, glutamin desteginin dogum agirligina geri donus (DAGD) suresi, kilo artis hizi (KAH) ve diskidaki salgisal IgA (slgA) duzeyleri uzerindeki etkisini belirlemektir.
soil profile permeability class (Classes 1-6; see text for details); SLGA, Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia; OEH, Office of Environment & Heritage Data Minimum Maximum Mean [+ or -] s.d.
In addition, endosomal SlgA inactivates LPS, thereby reducing the NF-KB pathway and its cascade of proinflammatory cytokines: interferon, IL-6, TNF alpha (Boullier, 2009) (Fernandez, 2003).
Additionally, slgA inhibits allergenic and pathogenic microorganisms [22, 23] and prevents bacteria from destroying the intestinal mucosa.
The infrapatellar branch of the saphenous nerve (IBSN) and the superior lateral geniculate artery (SLGA) are the structures most at risk during the medial parapatellar approach (Table 2).
Saskatchewan Most spirit sales occur at the 75 SLGA stores.
Announcing its verdict, the Sindh High Court in February directed the ECP to immediately fix a date to hold elections of mayor and other LG representatives across the province by secret ballot but the Sindh government challenged the SHC decision in the Supreme Court, arguing that the amendment in the SLGA was made with the intention of conducting the elections in a transparent manner in a bid to avoid corrupt practices.
The results showed significantly higher levels of (slgA), an immunoglobulin known to support muscle and immune function, among the athletes given AstaReal.