SLGOSindh Local Government Ordinance
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Arif Mustafa Jatoi, a member of opposition's Grand Democratic Alliance, had asked if the SLGO of the martial law regime and the current SLGA were similar laws.
The minister said that the country was being run under Martial Law regime in 1979 and the SLGO dated July 25, 1979 was promulgated by the then Sindh Governor Lt-Gen S.
He said this a plan for next ten to fifteen years and we have stated planning for today as water shortage is all over the country .When asked that whether the SLGO -2013 would be changed he said that laws are made by the assembly
'It was not our job to lift offal and garbage left on roads,' he said and explained that after the SLGO, 2013, the garbage collection function had been taken away from the KMC.
Mayor said SLGO -2013 has been made for political benefits and it has to be passed through Sindh assembly and the chief ministerhas to take initiative as he has the majority in the assembly.
###July 2011: Provincial government repealed SLGO 2001 and revived SLGO 1979.
84 Scott's Liquid SLGO.OB 92 17,919 16,144 10.99% Gold 85 Mesa MLAB 97 17,242 11.583 48.86% Laboratories Inc.
Fermanagh star forward Rory Gallagher also expects to return from a hamstring injury for their remaining two league games against division 1B front-runners Slgo and Mayo.
While talking to The News Saeed Ghani said all the powers have been given to mayor Karachi under SLGO - 2013 and he should try to improve his own performance and increase the revenue of KMC.
He said that he will go to the court against KPT too, which had withheld Rs80 crore whereas, Allied Bank had withheld Rs1.75 billion and the Sindh Government curtailed Rs34 billion from the OZT share of KMC.bsac-850950-741217792-placeThe mayor said that Karachi is meted out injustice under the veil of SLGO 2013.
Remifentanil was administered using a microcomputer-controlled pump (SLGO High-tech Development Co., Beijing, China), which uses the Minto pharmacokinetic model.
He said we want to solve the issue of contract employees on permanent basis and all directives of the Supreme Court and the rules given in the SLGO 2013 will be considered while appointing the staff in KMC.