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SLGSStrategic Local Government Services (lobbyist firm; California)
SLGSService Level Guarantee Scheme
SLGSState and Local Governement Series (US Treasury)
SLGSSmall Loan Guarantee Scheme (small business loan)
SLGSSimon Langton Girls School (Canterbury, Kent, England)
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1892 (Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018), which suspends the debt limit through March 1, 2019, allowing the Bureau of the Fiscal Service to begin accepting subscriptions for new issues of SLGS securities.
The SLGS program began in 1972 to assist state and local government entities in complying with IRS arbitrage regulations.
In the current study, the free vibrational response of SLGSs embedded in an elastic medium is investigated based on various nonlocal plate models.
Nonlocal plate theories for free vibration of SLGSs
The micro sensor based on MEMS used in the SLGS has an advantage that it is subminiature and ultra-light and its production cost is low.
The SLGS algorithm [24] for texture-based image recognition has remarkably improved performance.
The key changes included in the final regulations include a 60 percent reduction in the fee the Treasury imposes on local governments on purchases of the SLGS Treasury bonds.
The SLGS program are a special series of Treasury securities that were created more than 20 years ago to help cities have an investment option for proceeds from the sale of municipal tax exempt bonds and notes before they are spent for construction or other purposes to ensure compliance with the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) arbitrage rules.
Because open-market yields generally exceed tax-exempt yields, the yield-restricted rate may be achieved by blending the higher yield open-market securities to the restricted yield by the purchase of special zero-interest SLGS for the final period of the escrow.
anticipated to be funded with State and Local Government Securities ( SLGS ) (note:
The government publishes maximum SLGS rates each day and permits the issuer to subscribe for SLGS for the amounts and maturity dates required at a rate up to the maximum rate.
By the final four years of the cash flow, Fitch anticipates that a significant amount of the escrow receipts from SLGS will have matured.