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SLGSStrategic Local Government Services (lobbyist firm; California)
SLGSService Level Guarantee Scheme
SLGSState and Local Governement Series (US Treasury)
SLGSSmall Loan Guarantee Scheme (small business loan)
SLGSSimon Langton Girls School (Canterbury, Kent, England)
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However, even if open market rates are higher than SLGS rates, it may not be possible to purchase open market securities in the amounts, dates and rates required without creating inefficiency in the escrow account.
TGF-[alpha] is expressed in ductal epithelium of SMG, striated ducts in parotid gland and in SLG (Wu et al., 1993).
This paper proposes the algorithm of Weber Symmetrical Local Graph Structure (WSLGS), which is inspired by WLD, LGS and SLGS. The algorithm is based on the neighborhood of 5x5.
(NYSE: SLG), a real estate investment trust that predominantly acquires, owns, repositions, and manages New York City (and surrounding locations) office properties.
These stylized facts provide strong motivation for an empirical assessment of the productivity impact of O&M outlays by SLGs in addition to the widely explored, traditional effect of capital spending.
* Documentation pertaining to any investment of bond proceeds, including the purchase and sale of securities, SLG subscriptions, yield calculations for each class of investments, investment income received from the investment of proceeds, guaranteed investment contracts, and rebate calculations and reports;
For information on these securities, see CRS Report R41811, State and Local Government Series (SLGS) Treasury Debt: A Description, by Steven Maguire.
The new alliance between CPCNet and Macquarie Telecom interconnects the MPLS networks to offer customers better reach into the Asia Pacific region, as well as enhanced network services with the highest level of resilience, redundancy and Service Level Guarantees (SLGs).
Last month, the Treasury Department suspended sales of state and local government series securities (SLGS) in an effort to keep from exceeding the federal government's legal debt limit of $5.95 trillion.
There are seven (7) Special Interest Groups (SlGs)--four (4) clinical groups (Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Pediatric Nephrology, and Transplantation) and three (3) functional groups (Administration, Corporate/Government, and Advanced Practice).
Organizations can negotiate strict SLAs, and enforce SLGs. VSLAM training takes less than 30 minutes, and can be installed and configured in most networks within two hours.