SLHCSavings and Loan Holding Company
SLHCSierra Leone High Commission (embassy; various locations)
SLHCSupra Light Hardened Carbon (shoes)
SLHCLong Haul Communications
SLHCStandards for Long-Haul Communications
SLHCStandardization for Long Haul Communications
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Under the Dodd-Frank financial services reform law, insurers which operate savings and loan holding companies (SLHCs) would be subject to consolidated regulation by the Fed.
The argument refers to gaps in Section 171: "The Cygaps' Congress left in Section 171 for the Agencies to fill in include the appropriate risk-weights, asset types, and accounting methodologies to apply in establishing minimum leverage and risk-based capital requirements for Insurance SLHCs and their insurance subsidiaries," stated the March 20 letter.
The proposed transaction is an SLHC acquisition that is structured as an exchange of cash for shares followed by a merger.
We can also create new means for participants to reflect on what they share with us, such as the use of a visual calendar in the SLHC protocol.
BEIRUT: In the absence of formal ties, the Syrian-Lebanese Higher Council (SLHC) has for years served a distinct political purpose, but following the historic establishment of diplomatic relations between Lebanon and Syria Wednesday, some legislators and political analysts are questioning the role and relevance of the body.
Secretary General of the SLHC Council, Nasri Khoury, has spared no effort in trying to sell the role of his council and its future usefulness.
Among them, 33 assurbanks utilized the SLHC vehicle into the banking market.
An SLHC's home state is the state in which the total deposits of all insured depository institution subsidiaries of such company were the largest on the date on which the company became an SLHC.
Sicho, "SLHC upgrade plans for the ATLAS pixel detector," Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, vol.
Druze leader and MP Walid Jumblat called on Thursday during an interview with Al-Arabiya television for ousting the Secretary General of the Syrian-Lebanese Higher Council (SLHC) Nasri Khoury saying: "We need an expert who records the complaints [he receives] and [not a person affiliated with a political party]" according to AN NAHAR and ASHARQ AL AWSAT on Friday.
In his statement to the committees, Smith said, " nothing that occurred at AIG, including the difficulties experienced in its securities lending program, warrants or justifies imposing a regulatory regime that does not match the business model and economic reality of the SLHC being regulated and that could actually weaken the SLHC."
He said that diplomatic relations between the two countries should be given priority, and the structure and function of the SyrianLebanese Higher Council (SLHC), an institution created by the Treaty of Brotherhood, should be reconsidered.