SLHDStatus Lingkungan Hidup Daerah (Indonesian: South Sumatra State Environmental Report)
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Next, participants performed a MVC of the quadriceps vastus medialis, SLHD, and COHT with both legs before and after the cooling of their right leg.
Functional Performance Tests Single Leg Hop for Distance Test (SLHD)
Furthermore, SLHD is a reliable tool for lower extremity performance testing and contains small measurement errors (Booher et al., 1993).
For the analysis of the SLHD and COHT, a three-way ANOVA was conducted with temperature (10 and.
SLHD: The effect of cryotherapy on the outcome of the SLHD is shown in Figure 2.
The results of both SLHD and COHT performance are in line with previous research.
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