SLHDPSandy Lake Health and Diabetes Project (Sandy Lake, ON, Canada)
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The intervention descriptions and process evaluations of Pathways, SHARE-AP, KDSPP, and SLHDP indicated the importance of community control over the intervention and of having Aboriginal researchers and staff [14, 16, 22]; the Action Schools!
In these contexts, even comprehensive community-based interventions such as KDSPP, SLHDP, or Pathways, might be unlikely to bring about sustained change in obesity in the short term.
BC SLHDP B B b[check] -- Minneapolis B -- B -- after-school program Effectiveness Impact BMI, Knowledge, Environmental obesity (e) attitudes, supports behaviour Pathways C [check] -- KSDPP b[check] -- [check] SHARE-AP A -- [check] OPPS C [check] -- Action B -- -- Schools!