SLHFSurface Latent Heat Flux
SLHFScottish Local History Forum (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
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Promens is jointly owned by Framtakssjodur Islands slhf (FSI) and Eignarhaldsfelag Landsbankans ehf, a subsidiary of Landsbankinn.
Vendor: Eignarhaldsfelag Landsbankans ehf, Framtakssjodur Islands slhf
Magma expects to close the sale of the 25% stake by 2 June and to finalise the other transaction by 9 June.Country: Iceland, Sector: Geothermal PowerTarget: HS Orka hfBuyer: Jarovarmi slhf, Magma Energy Sweden ABVendor: Four Icelandic municipalities, Alterra Power Corp, Magma Energy Sweden ABDeal size in USD: 4.1m, 69.8mType: Corporate acquisition, DivestmentStatus: Agreed