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SLICESoldier Level Integrated Communications Environment
SLICESouth Carolina Longitudinal Information Center for Education
SLICEStimulating Leadership in Cutting Expenditures Act (US)
SLICEStrengthening Local Independent Co-Ops Everywhere (Washington)
SLICESt. Louis Interfaith Community Explorations (Missouri)
SLICEStateline Ice and Community Expo (Monroe, WI)
SLICEStreamlined Longitudinal Interval Continuation Evaluation (psychology)
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When noon came they opened the Fox-King's basket of luncheon, and found a nice roasted turkey with cranberry sauce and some slices of bread and butter.
Joe was evidently made uncomfortable by what he supposed to be my loss of appetite, and took a thoughtful bite out of his slice, which he didn't seem to enjoy.
"Cake!" my Lady muttered to herself with great decision, crossing the room and opening a cupboard, from which she presently returned with two slices of plum-cake.
It was so large that she couldn't help feeling a LITTLE shy with it, as she had been with the mutton; however, she conquered her shyness by a great effort and cut a slice and handed it to the Red Queen.
"It's oftenest naught but bread," he said, "but I've got a fine slice o' fat bacon with it today."
And when I spotted this slice of his I just gave him a bit of advice.
"If you help me to carry these jugs home, I'll give you a slice of bread."
He brought with him several slices of meat in order to pacify the Housedog, so that he would not alarm his master by barking.
There were large slices of bread heavily spread with butter; and many had pots of jam, which were kept in the `store' and had their names written on.
The division of labour to which he had referred was this: - Traddles cut the mutton into slices; Mr.
Within the pail were three slices of turkey, two slices of cold tongue, some lobster salad, four slices of bread and butter, a small custard pie, an orange and nine large strawberries, and some nuts and raisins.
One of the attending harpooneers now advances with a long, keen weapon called a boarding-sword, and watching his chance he dexterously slices out a considerable hole in the lower part of the swaying mass.