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In addition to locals, Slie and other Catapult regulars have mixed it up with members of such visiting troupes as Massachusetts's farm-based Double Edge Theatre, Pennsylvania's Pig Iron Theatre Company, and most recently Grenland Friteater of Norway.
The Christian Church had Blacks, slave and free-born, in churches where the Blacks worshipped at the back pews, in the balconies, or outside (Slie 1990).
He sees this as an affirmation on the part of Blacks that the church is an inclusive and pluralistic religious institution that respects the contributions of all its members (Slie 1990).
24 (when it coincides with the sixth edition of the New Orleans Fringe Festival [see sidebar]), Cry You One is directed by ArtSpot's Kathy Randels and features among its cast of ten Mondo Bizarro's Nick Slie (who played a feral swamp beast to indelible effect in the troupes' 2009 co-production Loup Garou).
The Lily's Revenge, Taylor Mac; dir: Pamela Davis-Noland, Jeffrey Gunshol, Aimee Hayes, Nick Slie, Andy Vaught.
NEW ORLEANS THEATRE ARTIST NICK SLIE IS trekking along a dirt pathway on a warm and bright Sunday in late February, pushing past overgrown bushes and tree limbs in an abandoned golf course within New Orleans's sprawling City Park.
"On the morning we first opened at 7 a.m., there was fog hovering on the ground up to my knees for the first half-hour," Slie recalls.
Still, Slie and company also had to contend with the destructive aspects of Mother Nature, a fickle and unforgiving beast with which New Orleanians have long had an intimate connection.
It's both horrific and amazing at the exact same time," Slie observes.
Loup Garou, a collaboration between Slie's Mondo Bizarro and Randels's ArtSpot Productions, exemplifies the re-energized theatre scene that's emerged in the Crescent City in the wake of Hurricane Katrina's destruction.
Batteries in the Killing Machine, Carlton Turner; Maurice Turner; dir: Kathy Reynolds, Nick Slie. May 2-5.