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Sliet also discussed with the vice president of the Intel corporation, John Davies, ways to support and train those graduating in communication and information technology, saying around 6,000 students graduate each year.
Sliet, during his meeting with IBM Middle East Territory Executive, Bashar Kilani, stressed the importance of IBM's presence in the Jordanian market, and revealed that the Minister was desirous of inking an agreement with IBM to support the environmental business and products of the corporation in Jordan.
Sliet said that the government was sparing no effort to improve the technology services in the Kingdom and increase the efficiency of different government institutions to provide quick and effective services.
Sliet added that the agreement, indicates the government's respect for Microsoft Corp and international conventions, noting that the government is working in collaboration with Microsoft to maintain intellectual property and anti-piracy programs so as to contribute to the protection of individuals and institutions from the harmful effects of counterfeit software, especially in the field of protection and security and to avoid significant losses that the person using such pirated software might incur.
Two libraries namely NITK and SLIET are also negotiating changes to license directly with the publishers.
NITK and SLIET are using E-mails as alerting service to promote the e-journals subscribed.
Reviewing use data from the 27 institutions (available on the consortium website ) shows a divide between the IITs and NITS and other institutes of NIT status such as SLIET and Thapar University.