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In the present study the organic part of SLIG was not isolated from its mineral matter.
According to the results given in Table 1, the SLIG samples after three swelling measurements swelled reversibly, and the height of dry bed of coal samples did not change due to re-swelling.
solubility parameter, and that the maximum should occur at the solubility parameter of the polymer, in the present case the organic part of SLIG.
FT-IR analysis of the SLIG samples was made to get information about the coal structure in order to explain this specific interaction between coal samples and hydrogen-bonding solvent via possible hydroxyl groups in the coal structure.
The density and solubility parameters of SLIG were assumed to be 1.
Experimental results show that the system SLIG-hydrogen-bonding solvent deviates from the regular solution behavior, but SLIG with non-polar and polar solvents roughly follows the regular solution theory.