SLIMMSeattle Lab Internet Mail Machine
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The SLIMM computer comes ready to use as a network server, which makes it that much more versatile.
SLIMM is a stand-alone computer operating as a network server and email server -- it offers a one-stop messaging service, providing email, web-based email, telnet, remote administration, and web server capabilities.
SLIMM contains Seattle Lab's three most popular email and remote server programs: SLmail for Windows NT, the simple to use but powerful complete email solution from Seattle Lab; Emurl for Windows NT, for web-based email system; and RemoteNT, the new remote administration solution for Windows NT.
The Seattle Lab software bundled with SLIMM comes prelicensed for unlimited users.
Its combination of a four-port Ethernet hub and the patent-pending COLT technology will allow the SLIMM direct Internet access.
Featuring 64 megabytes of synchronous dynamic RAM and an AMD K6 processor with a minimum speed of 233 Mhz, SLIMM is a small footprint desktop computer about the size of two stacked pizza boxes.