SLIMPSimposio Latinoamericano de Interacción Materno-Fetal y Placenta (Spanish: Latin American Symposium of Maternal-Fetal and Placental Interaction)
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Slimp said making customer service a priority can turn any business around.
Slimp, who's well-known for his industry surveys, suggests newspapers host focus groups, made up of readers and non-readers, at least twice a year.
Slimp shared a story about how a colleague's elderly mother was told she could only subscribe to her local paper in six- or 12-month intervals, meaning she would need to pay more than $100 each time her subscription fee was due.
Slimp, who wrote that he is personal friend of Jordan's, added, "I have also found that many Bible-believing ministers and the vast majority of people who call in to radio talk shows are backing Henry Jordan.
At the time, Slimp said he resigned himself to the shift, but he wondered if Adobe had left a door open for its once-dominant competitor, QuarkXPress, to return to favor.
"I thought there'd be more resistance to paying that monthly fee, but I'd say about half the newspapers I visit seem to be using the Creative Cloud," Slimp said.
Finally, the Tech Review is a joint effort by Lillien (Li-Lee) Tunceren, Amarjit Kaur, Christine Mullins, and Mickey Slimp. Citing a common concern heard in distance learning circles-students learning in isolation--the authors argue for the utilization of technological tools and communications to help address this challenge.
Mickey Slimp is the Executive Director of the Northeast Texas Consortium of Colleges and Universities at The University of Texas Health Northeast in Tyler, Texas.
Amarjit Kaur and Mickey Slimp's Technology Review provides a valuable insight, via survey data, on the use of tablets in the college setting.
Losing wickets at regular intervals, Al Turki slimped to 100 for four and then to 134 for six by the 29th over.