SLINSelect in
SLINSolicitation Line Item Number (US VA)
SLINSub-Line Item Number
SLINSub-Contract Line Item Number
SLINSpring Littoral Index Netting (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources; Canada)
SLINSigned Linear Audio
SLINStandard Line Item Number
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Where, SLIN = shoot length of inoculated, SLUN = shoot length of un-inoculated, S = stressed.
Many contracts since the IUID requirement was implemented have not properly structured the CLINs, SLINs, or ELINs, and that leads to issues when items are delivered, particularly when invoices or acceptance are requested via wide-area workflow (WAWF).
Tomb Raider is set to make its first appearance on ExEn handsets in the UK this week and will be demonstrated at the SLIN exhibition in Paris on 2-5 December 2004.
Then, for those contracts that are tagged, the contracting officer will write a separate CLIN or SLIN for each separate item.
Martin Es slin uses the following categories for the same groups: (1) the ruins; (2) the vastness of earth and sky; (3) the little body; (4) the fact that the enclosed space is now forgotten; (5) a denial of past and future; (6) an affirmation of past and future.
The SLIN family of industrial computers provides users with the power and convenience of a desktop system in a slim package.
200 YEARS AGO: At Stafford Sessions, on Thursday, Sarah Bott, for breaking into and robbing the house of S Slin, was sentenced to be transported for seven years; and S Thursfield, for stealing barley, to be imprisoned for three months.
There will be no requirement for the contractor to accumulate costs or bill financing payments by separate CLIN or SLIN.
Even in sole-source scenarios, SLIN information about UIDs and associated values would need to be adjusted to the final negotiated price if solicited too early in the proposal process.
SLIN industrial computers are designed to provide the power and convenience of a desktop system in a slim package.