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SLIPPSaint Lawrence Island Polynya Project (Bering Sea ice study; US Coast Guard)
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Prior investigations of harbor seal diets in the Pacific Northwest have relied primarily on observational studies, stomach content analyses, and especially scat analyses (Scheffer and Slipp, 1944; Everitt et al., 1981; Brown and Mate, 1983; Olesiuk, 1993; Zamon, 2001; Orr et al., 2004; Wright et al., 2007; Thomas et al., 2011; Lance et al., 2012).
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Slipp. "The minute we were offstage, other bands said, `Wow.
Banker William Elfed Roberts PC Dafydd Williams said the wooden staircase had no carpet and was both steep and slipp ery.
Norwegian technology group Bergen Yards Holding AS said on Friday (21 September) that it has agreed to acquire the maritime engineering firm Skjondal Slipp & Mek Verksted AS for an undisclosed sum.
The cognitive effort expended to stay closeted decreases work productivity (Blank & Slipp, 1994).
The Obsidians: Bill McWhorter will lead a 12-mile Rosary Lakes cross-country ski, Sam Miller will lead a 9 1/2 -mile ski on Sand Mountain Loop, and Mark Slipp will lead an 8-mile ski tour to Square Lake via Jack Meadows.
With Slipp Patient Mover, for example, two staff members can reposition a resident in 5 to 10 seconds using a drawsheet to glide the resident across the top of the device.
He is survived by his wife, Isabel Wheeler of Melbourne, Fla.; his daughter, Nancy; sons Robert and Bradford; and sister, Ruth Slipp. A memorial celebration of his life was held Nov.
* From the Outside In: Seven Strategies for Success When You're Not a Member of the Dominant Group in Your Workplace by Renee Blank and Sandra Slipp, Ph.D.
In describing the holotype for P idahoensis, Slater and Slipp (1940) suggested that this species has a more elongate body, more angular snout and a wider head than P.
In addition, the Authority also approved, on December 16, investment aid to a small ship repair yard, iksfjord Slipp & Mek AS, which will use the funds to build a double slipway in concrete.