SLIQSupervised Learning in Quest
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According to Menezes, every existing government customer at Sliq Media that has upgraded its video quality has also seen an increase in viewership.
The Legislative Assembly of British Columbia's streaming setup is all over the map: encoding equipment from ViewCast Corp., a CDN from InSync Software, Inc., a scheduling application from Sliq Media, and various services developed in-house.
In this review, I'll look at a several such programs, including Apple's QuickTime Pro, Steve Greenberg's GSpot Codec Information Appliance, Inlet Technologies' Semaphore, Jerome Martinez's MediaInfo, and Sliq Media's WMSnoop.
Sliq Media's WMSnoop does only one thing-analyze Windows Media files-but it does that one thing very well.
I also analyzed the WMV file created by Episode with Sliq Media's WMSnoop, and the statistics and data-rate display looked similar to that of the file created in the Windows Media Encoder.
(To derive this information, I analyzed the files in WMSnoop, from Sliq Media Technologies []).