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SLIRStandard Location Immediate Request (telecommunications)
SLIRSchool of Labor and Industrial Relations (Michigan State University)
SLIRSide Looking Infrared
SLIRStephen Lawrence Inquiry Report (UK)
SLIRStock Level Item Record
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Prof Trotter was elected last week during the SLiR conference which was held this year in the French city of Nancy.
The SLiR publishes one of the leading journals in its field, the Revue de Linguistique Romane, on whose editorial committee Prof Trotter has served for a number of years.
They have five features: (a) discrete time interval dt is assumed to be one day; (b) at time t, the population of interest is divided into four compartments--S(t), L(t), I(t), and R(t)--corresponding to the four epidemiological statuses; since our SLIR model is a closed system, S(t) + L(t) + I(t) + R(t) = 2V, with N a constant representing the entire population; (c) transmission rate [beta] is a constant representing how fast Susceptible individuals become infected and acquire a Latent status; (d) latent rate [theta] is a constant used to determine transformation speed from Latent to Infected; and (e) removal rate a is a constant used to determine transformation speed from Infected to Recovered.
The extended SLIR model can be expressed as (2a)-(2h).