SLISSchool of Library and Information Science
SLISSchool of Library and Information Studies
SLISServeur Linux pour l'Internet Scolaire (French)
SLISSierra Leone Information System
SLISSpecial Libraries and Information Services Group (South Africa)
SLISSector Long Island Sound (New Haven, CT)
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Like the records of SLIS, there is much to be discovered from the marvelous treasures that live in the shelves of the libraries at many HBCUs.
Woodruff Library, the new home of CAU SLIS records.
At the local level, there are significant structural, manpower, historical, and image problems that will have to be overcome for LIS schools, and SLIS in particular, to begin to place more than just a token number of graduates in this market in the near-term future.
A special librarian for a major defense contractor stated that she had once had students from IU SLIS for an internship but would never repeat the mistake: the only thing these two individuals wanted to do was stand behind a desk and circulate books.
A similar finding emerged from our mail survey of SLIS graduates.
Herein lies the dilemma for IU SLIS--many firms in Indiana seem to recognize the need for information intermediaries, but SLIS students are not applying, and librarians are not being seen as viable candidates, either by employing agencies or by those with the MLS who happen to find themselves operating in the field.