SLJOSociété des Loteries et des Jeux de l'Ontario (French acronym for the "Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation")
SLJOSouth London Jazz Orchestra (UK)
SLJOSilly Little Jobs Officer :-)
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In detergency test, the comparative performance of SLJO, a commercial detergent preparation, and SLJO in combination with commercial detergent has been evaluated against 4 different stains, namely, coffee, turmeric, oil, and poster color, on 2 different types of fabrics, namely, cotton and polyester.
Next day, stained pieces of cloth were soaked individually in 0.1 g% solution of SLJO and 0.1 g% solution of commercial detergent for 10 minutes.
Out of the 6 media used, medium F was found to give maximum yield of SLJO. Also it was seen that yield value decreased after 96 h of incubation.
Characterization of SLJO. Typical structure of SLs consists of a sophorose (dimeric sugar) linked [beta]-glycosidically to terminally or subterminally hydroxylated fatty acid with chain lengths 16-18 [2].
The [sup.1]H NMR spectrum of the SLJO preparation was assigned to a typical glycolipid-type structure.
It was seen that SLJO reduced the surface tension of distilled water from 70.714 mN/m to 33.512 mN/m at the CMC value of 9.5 mg/L as depicted in Figure 2 (refer to supplementary information for different SLJO concentrations and corresponding surface tension values).
The emulsification activity and stability of SLJO and synthetic surfactants, namely, SDS and Triton X-100, have been noted in Table 4.
As an ingredient of detergent, SLJO has to perform satisfactorily in extreme physical conditions and different water qualities.
Stability of emulsions formed by SLJO was better than that of Triton X-100.
It was observed that emulsification activity of SLJO was comparable between pH values of 5.0-8.0 while the emulsification index value at pH 4.0 was 6 times low as compared to other pH values.
It was observed that emulsions formed by SLJO were stable within the pH range of 5.0-8.0.
It was observed from Table 6 that, for the SLJO, emulsifying property is best at 60[degrees]C and then goes on decreasing.