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SlkSlovak (linguistics)
SLKSaranac Lake, NY, USA - Adirondack (Airport Code)
SLKSafe Language Kernel
SLKStade Léonard Kreisker (French: Leonard Stadium Kreisker; football club)
SLKSuperior Limbic Keratitis
SLKSportlich (Sportive) Leicht (Light) Kurz (Short) - a car model from Mercedes-Benz
SLKStraight Line Kilometre (Australia)
SLKState Library of Kansas (Topeka, KS)
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We haven't failed," SLK claimed, as quoted by TASR.
0-litre V6 biturbo engine with a modified version of the AMG sports suspension familiar from the old Mercedes-AMG SLK 55, and the combination is reflected in the sporty performance figures, with the SLC 43 accelerating from rest to 62mph in 4.
Prices haven't changed much over those of the SLK, which means that most SLC sales will continue to be made in the PS35,000 to PS55,000 bracket.
The SLK 200 is equipped with a new four-cylinder engine that generates 135kW and 300Nm and accelerates from zero to 100km/h in 6.
Finally, the SLK 250 CDI is replaced by the SLK 250d which, apart from new emissions kit, is the same as before.
The result with the SLK AMG Sport is both futuristic and classy, with LED head and tail lights, a centre console in brushed aluminium or high-gloss wood, a flatbottomed steering wheel and analogue clock that sits on top of the dashboard.
In true SLK style, it combines its accelerative nature with the highest quality appointments.
Capable of clocking 0-100kph in a shade under 6 seconds, the front engine, rear-wheel drive SLK 55 AMG offers a lesson in acceleration.
For the year 2012-13, the state of Karnataka has contributed 39% to the country's software exports, and the award was received by SLK Global's Bangalore center in recognition of being a top performer in the IT/ITES a contributor to the country's exports originating from Bangalore, Karnataka.
General manager Graeme Newport said: "The SLK 55 AMG is the perfect embodiment of the new AMG brand claim of 'Driving Performance'.
Yet despite all the machismo, the SLK remains a pleasure to drive -- sharp and a whole lot of fun, and, at Dhs185,000 cheaper than a Porsche Boxster.
Not just the best SLK ever, this is a fast, frugal and neat-handling two-seater that'll cost you buttons to run.