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They will have all the right tools and will be experienced in fettling SLKs.
WHEN it comes to sex appeal, few cars have enjoyed such pulling power as the Mercedes-Benz SLK. And it's something that concerned the German manufacturer as it prepared for the cult roadster's latest generation.
Most popular of the company's new arrivals is sure to be the revised SLK roadster, which may not look too dissimilar from the current car, but actually features 650 new parts.
It will arrive in the look-alike shape of the all-new Mercedes SLK this summer, aimed at those who prefer to spend about pounds 27,000 rather than pounds 270,000 on their roadster.
IT sounds like an instrument of torture, but the SLK 230 Kompressor definitely provides more pleasure than pain.
The AMG division of Mercedes-Benz restates its proficiency as an engine hotrodder every time you depress the throttle of the SLK 32 AMG, the quickest roadster now in the Mercedes fleet
THE powerful new Mercedes SLK looks set to challenge the luxury cabriolet's traditional image.
Prices for the two bigger engined SLKs are pounds 30,190 for the 2.3 litre and pounds 33,640 for the V6.
Of course, Mercedes-Benz isn't renowned for the best shifting manuals, so most SLKs will continue to be sold with the five-speed automatic.
You can buy a 2004 630i convertible with 65,000 miles for PS7,500 and any number of droptop SLKs from PS1,500 for a 98S with 60,000 miles to PS7,500 for a 2004 with 70,000 on the clock.
They found drugs and thousands of pounds in used notes, along with luxury cars including Aston Martin DB9s and Mercedes SLKs.
By basing it on the SLR, Mercedes has broken away from the problem which tended to dog the first generation of SLKs ( its girlie image.