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SLLSierra Leone Leone (national currency)
SLLSmall Lymphocytic Lymphoma
SLLShift Left Logical
SLLSingly Linked List (computer programming)
SLLSuomen Lukiolaisten Liitto Ry (Finnish: Union of Finnish Upper Secondary School Students)
SLLStop Look Listen
SLLSide-Lobe Level
SLLStandard Linear and Logic
SLLSingle-Loop Learning (learning within a paradigmatic context)
SLLSociedad Laboral Limitada
SLLService Language Layer (programming)
SLLStanford Learning Laboratory (Stanford University; Stanford, CA)
SLLSandia Laboratories Livermore
SLLStatically Linked Library
SLLStructured Lease Line
SLLSecondary Lobe Level
SLLSims: Livin' Large (game)
SLLSpecified Long-Term Load (voltage)
SLLScore Linked List
SLLState Library of Louisiana (Baton Rouge, LA)
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The SLL Series removes the need for trenching and grid power and replaces it with a renewable energy source - the sun.
Liquidity profile of SLL has come under significant stress over time on account of lack of access to market sources of funding.
PartyLite launched its collaboration with the Spanish exclusive distributor Marcel Cluny (MCY Cosmetics SLL Technology and Distribution) with a product training session in Bilbao in November.
SLL remains dependent on its major shareholder SME Bank Limited (SMEBL) for funding proposed State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) regulation of limiting related party exposure to 75% of equity (current outstanding constitutes around 30% of SMEBLs equity) may severely restrict SLLs access to funding.
Among those optimization methods for controlling SLL and nulls [15-22], the second-order-cone program (SOCP) methods [18-22] have attracted considerable attentions.
If there are any sampling points whose SLLs surpass the required SLL in the sidelobe region of AF, replace their values by the specified SLL.
The PIM SlL analyzers measure and display up to four intermodulation products simultaneously.
Soil surveys for sites RCC, ARB, and SLL were obtained from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA 2010).
The PureVu family integrates Cavium's SLL and SMART video technology to provide a robust mechanism for the delivery of high quality audio and video programming, Cavium added.
Going forward, ability of SLL to improve its liquidity position, reduction in raw material prices, availability of raw materials, improvement in sales and diversification in its product line would be crucial for the financial prospects of the company and would be key rating sensitivities.