SLLCSchool of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (University of Maryland)
SLLCSchool of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures (University of Manchester; Manchester, Lancashire, England, UK)
SLLCSierra Leone Labor Congress
SLLCSellafield Local Liaison Committee (UK)
SLLCState Legislative Leadership Conference (Future Farmers of America; Pennsylvania)
SLLCSuper Long Life Coolant (Toyota)
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bankruptcy courts will shield the wider SLLC from that series'
Part II of this Note introduces the SLLC and presents the
Part III of this Note explains how a series in an SLLC is a hybrid
asset-segregating ancestors, an SLLC partitions its assets, debts,
An SLLC may prove an efficient alternative to traditional methods
Under the DLLCA, an SLLC series can, "in its own name, contract,
uncertainties regarding SLLC liability shields are of less concern in
SLLC use is no longer limited to the "traditional" uses.
Unlike other SLLC states, Illinois and Iowa explicitly
define a series within an SLLC as a "separate legal entity.
considered following Delaware and the other SLLC states, but ultimately
determine whether a series in a Delaware SLLC could be joined as a party