SLLISri Lanka Light Infantry (Sri Lanka Army)
SLLIShift-Left-Logical-Immediate (also seen as SLLV; computer architecture)
SLLISt. Lawrence Leadership Institute (New York)
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Operations AVX2 intrinsic functions Load _mm256 loadu si256((m256i*)x) Store _mm256 storeu si256((m256i*)x,y) Set _mm256 set1 epi16(a) _mm256 set1 epi32(a) Bitwise AND _mm256 and si256(x,y) Bitwise OR _mm256 or si256(x,y) Bitwise XOR _mm256 xor si256(x,y) Shift left by r-bits _mm256 slli epi16(x,r) _mm256 slli epi32(x,r) Shift right by r-bits _mm256 srli epi16(x,r) _mm256 srli epi32(x,r) Rotation left by r-bits _mm256 or si256(_ mm256 slli epi16(x,r), _mm256 srli epi16(x,16-r)) _mm256 or si256(_ mm256 slli epi32(x,r), _mm256 srli epi32(x,32-r)) TABLE 3: Proposed Simeck family block cipher performance.
It was sold to the fledgling SLLI and she arrived in Sri Lanka last year after a shipping company agreed to transport the 25 tonne vessel from Felixstowe to Colombo, free of charge on a container ship.
The SLLI has a series of processes that provide learners with the requested quiz items and allows them to exchange feedback about their incorrect answers.
proposed SLLI legislation is widely, and correctly, regarded as
State Legislators for Legal Immigration (SLLI) has members in 41 states, including Arizona, where member State Senator Russell Pearce continues to consolidate power.
Once the matter reaches the high court, they are confident that they would prevail, said the SLLI members.
In 1995, OPMC established itself as an independent marketing firm that exclusively sells SLRDI and SLLI projects.
Mangala Ratnayake SLLI, like Daya Rajasinghe was a second generation officer.
(SLLI) has a number of offerings for young couples who are searching for a home they could call their own.
The SLLI with about 20,000 soldiers had on the Mallawarachchi's retirement produced a traditional valedictory news letter referring also to the tremendous Mavil Aru victory.
SLLI president Exequiel Robles bagged two distinct recognitions.