SLLSSoutheast Louisiana Legal Services
SLLSSynchrotron Light Life Science Center (Ritsumeikan University; Japan)
SLLSSouth London Liberal Synagogue (London, UK)
SLLSStop, Look, Listen, Smell (listening halt)
SLLSSt. Louis Live Steamers (Missouri)
SLLSSouthern Lakes Limousine Services (South Island, New Zealand)
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Generally, a separate limitation loss ("SLL") is created when a foreign loss in one separate category of income offsets foreign-source income in another separate category.
The T5 substrate provided the highest values for number of roots (NR) (5.5, not differing from T1, T3 and T4), sum of root length (SRL) (56.5cm), number of leaves per shoot (NL) (2.5, not differing from T1), sum of leaf length (SLLS) (17.60 cm, not differing from T1, T2 and T3), and fresh matter per seed (FMS) (2.16 g) (Table 2).
Figure 9(a) shows the beam patterns of a 32-element LAA optimized by different algorithms, and Table 5 presents that the maximum SLLs obtained by IWO, CS, FA, BBO, and PSO are -31.0751 dB, -29.3774dB, -26.0192dB, -23.4108 dB, and -20.4785 dB, respectively.
In addition, the SLLs become worse than that of the single x- or y-polarization incident wave.
The reason may be that a lower PMERP always means a poor side lobe level (SLL) suppression when subcarrier complex weight or phase code technique is adopted to reduce the PMERP.
SLL remains dependent on its major shareholder SME Bank Limited (SMEBL) for funding proposed State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) regulation of limiting related party exposure to 75% of equity (current outstanding constitutes around 30% of SMEBLs equity) may severely restrict SLLs access to funding.
It is found that the SLLs of xz-plane and yz-plane obtained by the FGPMGA are -15.94dB and -16.54 dB, respectively, in contrast to -12.98dB and -13.28dB of the array with equal amplitudes.
It can be clearly seen that the SLLs in different azimuth planes are all about -30.0dB.
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