SLMBSpecified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary
SLMBSpecial Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries (also seen as SLIMB)
SLMBService Limited Medicare Beneficiary (Minnesota)
SLMBSt. Lucia Marketing Board
SLMBSubscriber Line Module Broadband (Siemens/Stromberg-Carlson)
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While the QMB program helps those whose income is at or below the national poverty level, the SLMB program is for persons whose incomes are slightly higher than the poverty level, but not more than 20% higher.
2003), but other estimates indicate that less than one-third of eligible people sign up for the QMB program and only 13% enroll in the SLMB program (GAO 2005).
For this reason, HCFA mounted a massive outreach effort to inform older Americans of the availability of the SLMB benefit and to encourage those eligible to enroll.
Stark and McDermott introduced the bill, HR 1455, in response to an April General Accounting Office report citing low participation sates in the federally mandated program for low-income seniors known as Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMBs) and Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMBs).
Again, rules may vary from state to state, but in general terms, to qualify for SLMB assistance you must meet requirements one and two listed under the QMB section.
Limited Medicaid enrollees include beneficiaries who participate in the QMB, SLMB, and QI programs without receiving full Medicaid benefits.
This means the SLMB income limits through at least March 1, 2010 are $12,996 annually for an individual and $17,484 annually for a couple.
The Medicare Hot Line ([800] 638-6833) answers questions on topics such as supplemental insurance, claims, Medicare, fraudulent provider practices, and state telephone numbers for special programs like QMB and SLMB.
We considered individuals to be in the dually enrolled alternative if they were enrolled in the Medicaid buy-in, QMB, or SLMB program.
The Part D enrollment file will also include the various dual eligibility categories (e.g., SLMB, QMB), which can be very useful when investigating questions related to access to care.
QMB only, SLMB only, qualified disabled and working individuals--QDWIs or qualifying individuals--QI1s or QI2s) (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2004a).
The only information for beneficiaries about dual eligibility is to alert Medicare beneficiaries that if they are low income they may qualify for Medicaid or for enrollment in the Medicare Savings Programs (e.g., QMB or SLMB).