SLMIStan Lee Media Inc.
SLMISumitomo Light Metal Industries (Japan)
SLMISkills and Labour Market Information (UK)
SLMIScottish Labour Market Intelligence (software)
SLMISouthwest Louisiana Marine Institute
SLMISkills and Labour Market Intelligence
SLMISpanish Language Media Initiative (University of Illinois)
SLMISubscriber Line Module, Internet
SLMISri Lanka Military Intelligence
SLMIState Land Management Institute (Lithuania)
SLMISociety of Ladies of Mary Immaculate
SLMISenior Librarian Management Information
SLMISteel Legion Mechanised Infantry (Dropship game)
SLMISustainable Land Management Institute (Afghanistan)
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SLMI, on the other hand, in combination with cocamidopropyl betaine or other amphoterics, shows good thickening ability with electrolytes.
Many sulfate-free surfactants are poor foamers, but SLMI creates a dense, creamy, long-lasting lather.
Like the Riddler foiling his own crimes by leaving too many clues for Batman, SLMI seems to be the author of its own demise.
But, like arch villain Doctor Doom, SLMI has more than one scheme cooking at a time.
Gordon, who, with Alexandra Gordon, delivered proxy appointment forms representing 297,770 SLMI shares, is in jail for manipulation of SLMI stock.
There have been serious allegations of wrongdoing with respect to SLMI during and resulting from the Late 2006 Meeting involving Mr.
If Disney has its way, then SLMI may not have a further legal leg to stand on.
With regard to the lawsuit filed on Monday, Jan 26th in New York by purported shareholders of SLMI (three of the four plaintiffs are not shareholders), the entire basis of the suit is based upon this alleged agreement.
When the California case is concluded, Stan Lee believes that justice and truth will prevail, and the illegal acts of those associated with the "plaintiffs" in the New York suit will be exposed -- the "plaintiffs" in the New York suit and the California case are all friends and cohorts of Peter Paul, who was a founder of SLMI and is awaiting sentencing for manipulating the stock of SLMI which is what led to its downfall and bankruptcy in 2001.
The agreement to sell Buddy L's fitness assets, coupled with our previously announced agreement to sell Buddy L's toy assets, means that we will exit these non-core businesses very shortly," said Howard Zunenshine, chief executive officer of SLMI.
Prior to today's acceleration of SLMI's debt by the noteholder group, SLMI was current in its obligations to these noteholders.