SLMMSri Lanka Monitoring Mission
SLMMSingle Line Memory Module
SLMMSimultaneous (Compass) Locator at Middle Marker
SLMMSubmarine-Launched Mobile Mine
SLMMSociety of Layerists in Multi-Media (Hot Springs, AR)
SLMMSaunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon (UK)
SLMMSchool Library Media Month (American Association of School Libraries)
SLMMSubmarine-Laid Mobile Mine
SLMMSea-Launched Mobile Mine
SLMMStrawman Liberal Methodist Minister
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attack submarines would have had no mining capability at all; as it was, only direct intercession by the CNO, Admiral Greenert, saved a handful of SLMMs.
Dynistics' SLMM is a suite of dashboard template reports which geographically illustrate key metrics for Trusts and show areas where efficiency improvements could be made.
There are suggestions for a modification to the Mk 48 heavyweight torpedo into a dual-purpose weapon--that is, torpedo or SLMM, at the turn of a switch.
The committed act of assassination has proved to be one of the most serious recent crimes against humanitarian aid workers worldwide and has been strongly condemned internationally,'' SLMM said of the aid worker killings.
However, observers from UNICEF and the Nordic Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) who visited the scene said they saw only 19 bodies, both male and female, though an SLMM spokesman said that several more had been removed when they reached the scene.
Ulf Henricsson, who heads the SLMM, was quoted by a Sunday paper as saying that the fighting had yielded nothing to either contender.
Wiki leaks The recent Wiki leaks exposures indicted foreign governments and officials, (Solheim, Westborg) and the SLMM commanders with suborning SL's national security.
The Nordic-run Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission, or SLMM, will not be able to function following objections from the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to the presence of members from countries that banned the Tamil Tigers.
It was also not immediately clear if the EU ban would have an impact on the LTTE's decision Monday to travel to Oslo on June 8 to discus the role of the SLMM following concerns for the safety of the unarmed monitors.
Entwistle reports that this series of events led to then President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga requesting the Norwegian government to remove the then incumbent SLMM chief Tryggve Teleffsen.
SLMM accused the LTTE of committing a ''gross violation'' of the cease-fire and also of ''jeopardizing the safety'' of SLMM monitors.
At one point, the SLMM suggested reserving a demarcated area in the sea for training by LTTE vessels and the SLMM chief had himself photographed on the deck of an LTTE attack craft).