SLMMSri Lanka Monitoring Mission
SLMMSingle Line Memory Module
SLMMSimultaneous (Compass) Locator at Middle Marker
SLMMSubmarine-Launched Mobile Mine
SLMMSociety of Layerists in Multi-Media (Hot Springs, AR)
SLMMSaunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon (UK)
SLMMSchool Library Media Month (American Association of School Libraries)
SLMMSubmarine-Laid Mobile Mine
SLMMSea-Launched Mobile Mine
SLMMStrawman Liberal Methodist Minister
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No conventional mines remain, and at one point the Navy had programmed the remaining obsolescent submarine-launched mobile mines (SLMMs) to be phased out in 2012.
The SLMM is being used to provide a graphical representation of key financial performance measures across the Trust.
As the head of the Scandinavian Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) noted in October 2007, there was an ongoing low-scale, low-intensity war for two years while the peace process was officially ongoing.
This led to a formal censure of the LTTE by the ceasefire monitoring group, the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM), and marked a particularly brazen attack as the Sri Lankan Navy vessel was flying the SLMM flag to indicate that monitors were aboard.
People may be forgiven if their thoughts go back to the 2001-5 period while the IC, like the SLMM then, adds to the farce.
There are suggestions for a modification to the Mk 48 heavyweight torpedo into a dual-purpose weapon--that is, torpedo or SLMM, at the turn of a switch.
Based on the MK 37 torpedo, the SLMM is a submarine-deployed mine used for covert mining in hostile environments.
The core methodology is provided by Network Cadence and is a subset of its Service Lifecycle Management Model (SLMM).
The Nordic Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission or SLMM said in rulings released Wednesday that the Muttur killings were a ''gross violation of the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA)'' of February 2002 by security forces of Sri Lanka and the bus bombing was also a ''gross violation'' by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam.
A large majority of violations attributed to the LTTE by the SLMM included assassinations, abductions, extortions and recruitment of child soldiers and forced conscription.
However, observers from UNICEF and the Nordic Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) who visited the scene said they saw only 19 bodies, both male and female, though an SLMM spokesman said that several more had been removed when they reached the scene.
This plan would be discussed and agreed upon in a later meeting between General Fonseka and Colonel Theepan, LTTE Commander of the North, assisted by General Furuhovde, the head of the SLMM" (ibid).