SLMPSri Lanka Mahajana Party (Sri Lanka People's Party)
SLMPService Life Monitoring Program
SLMPSocial Liberty Multicultural Party (Fiji political party)
SLMPSecondary Loop Makeup Pump
SLMPShip Logistics Management Plan
SLMPSpartan Light Metal Products, Inc (Sparta, IL)
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Punjab Member Planning and Development Board Khalid Sultan stated this while addressing a workshop with stakeholders on Sustainable Land Management Programme jointly organized by the Punjab Planning and Development, Project Coordination Unit of SLMP and National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) at P and D Complex here on Friday.
Khaid Sultan said due to a threat of continuous land degradation and its implication for the country's economy it was of vital importance that the development partners should have continue to support the SLMP programme and drive it to its completion by ensuring full commitment and availability of resources.
In analyzing students' information literacy scores, national averages for TRAILS grade 9 were used as benchmarks for grades 8 and 11 and SLMP staff set the benchmark for grade 6.
Below is a summary of the implementation process SLMP used to provide accountability for the instructional component of school library media programs in MCPS.
Either Mayor himself should be interested in having the SLMP prepared or his First Deputy with sufficient "weight" and dedication.
The task of this group is developing the SLMP and addressing all technical and institutional issues that arise during the process, including cooperation among these three agencies.
53) Shortly thereafter, Congress appropriated $40 million for the SLMP, and the AF announced its support for Option 2--evolving current expendable launch systems.
Earlier, Hamid Marwat, National Programme Coordinator (SLMP) briefed the audience about World Desertification Day and about SLMP approaches and interventions for better land management in Pakistan.
Maqsood Anwar, Dean Faculty of Forestry, Range Management and Wildlife thanked the audience and other participants of the seminar for according importance to the critical issue of desertification and hoped that collaboration between academic and research institutions with specialized institutions like AAUR, UNDP, Ministry of Climate Change and SLMP will go a long way in desertification in the country.
The launch of SLMP also aims at implementation of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, mainstreaming National Action Programme, and sustainable land management into national policies and plans.
Under SLMP II, the Government of Ethiopia is building on the remarkable progress achieved during implementation of the program s first phase in reducing land degradation and increasing sustainable land and water productivity.
Under SLMP I, which started in 2008, over 190,000 hectares of degraded communal and individual farmlands have been rehabilitated and agricultural productivity has improved in areas that were hitherto found to be less productive.