SLNPSouth Luangwa National Park (Zambia)
SLNPSri Lanka Nidahas Pakshaya (Sri Lankan political party)
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The most marginalized of frontier farmers are those that have settled within the core zone of the SLNP. These farmers have few options available to them.
Because of its rich biological diversity coupled with the rapidity of population growth and forest clearing since the 1980s, the SLNP is an appropriate study site for conducting research on small farmer colonization and tropical deforestation.
Building on these and other previous studies, the survey was crafted in content and expression to fit the cultural mores of the SLNP region.
Farmers prepared to fight The Nature Conservancy for their land, as some stated "over our dead bodies." Vigilante justice in the SLNP has filled the lacuna left by the virtual absence of a government-sponsored police force.
A drought stoked severe forest fires in the SLNP region during the spring of 1998.
Based on collected data from surveys at the farm level in the SLNP, this paper seeks to understand the impact of colonization on forest clearing based on the land use of settler farmers.
In this section we describe the global architecture of SLNP. Then, we detail its user profile based functioning that provide users with negotiation capability in ubiquitous environments.
SLNP was defined to guarantee an end-to-end service level negotiation in a self management environment [6].
The negotiation processing ensured by SLNP is the following (Figure 2).
On the other hand, in ubiquitous environments, SLNP has to manage users' mobility.
Since it uses Web Services, SLNP operates at the application level.
To overcome this problem, the SLNP signaling flow can be protected at different levels.