SLNSSentinel Lymph Node Status (oncology)
SLNSSuperior Laryngeal Nerve Stimulation (throat)
SLNSSri Lanka Navy Ship
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Captain Nilantha Hewavitharane and Captain Buddhika Liyanagamage are both working as captains of "SLNS Sayura" and "SLNS Nandimithra".
These areas were attributed to previous iron oxide particles which were injected for SLN detection (Figure 2b, c) (SentiMag[R] technique).
Subsequently, SLNS SAYURALA and Pakistan Navy Ship KHAIBAR participated in scheduled sea exercises, which included various tactical evolutions and operational maneuvers of ships.
The crew of SLNS Sayurala commanded by Captain (CDO) Isira Kasiwatta consists of 28 officers and 142 sailors.
Histopathology revealed no metastasis in SLNs as well as ALN of 55.2% (37) patients while 40.3% (27) patients were positive for both.
Intraoperatively, sentinel lymph node (SLN) was performed with peritumoral injection of methylene blue (Figure 3).
Newly developed lipid nanoparticle-derived NLCs give better results in overcoming the problems associated with SLNs - often with limited drug loading, the risk of gelation and drug leakage in storage caused by lipid polymorphism (Gupta et al., 2012).
The terms 'role-defining' nominals and 'situationally-defined' nominals reflect the more established distinction between individual-level nominals (ILNs) and stage-level nominals (SLNs) (13).
In recent years, solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) have gained special attention by the scientists working in the area of nanotechnology and drug delivery due to their unique properties [4].
Several lipid nanoparticles including liposomes, nano-emulsions, and solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) have been studied for decades.