SLNSWState Library of New South Wales (Australia)
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The researchers will develop a pigment composition database and use their synchrotron findings to validate a method for assessing other works in the SLNSW collection using laboratory based technologies.
Within NSW, participants in a Rewarding Reading course are expected by the SLNSW to deliver on-training within their own libraries within a negotiated timeframe.
The course material has been through continuous improvement since first developed and signed off by the CPLA SE Zone Steering Committee and the SLNSW in 2004.
In his report to the SLNSW on the impact of the training on libraries in the CPLA (now Public Libraries NSW--Country) SE Zone, Peter Conlon reported that 12 central libraries and 30 branch or mobile libraries in the zone benefited from the training.
RAWG organised the Hands on readers advice seminar at SLNSW in March 2007, attended by over 100 people.
SLNSW built on the Rewarding Reading training by coordinating and sponsoring visits from two international authorities on readers advisory work (15)