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SLOSan Luis Obispo (California)
SLOSlovenia (ISO Country Identifier)
SLOStudent Learning Outcome
SLOStichting Leerplanontwikkeling (Netherlands)
SLOSlovak/Slovenian (language)
SLOSchool Liaison Officer
SLOService Level Objectives (information technology services)
SLOSystem Landscape Optimization (SAP AG)
SLOSalem, Illinois (Airport Code)
SLOState Library of Ohio (Columbus, OH)
SLOSalon du Livre de l'Outaouais (French: Outaouais Book Fair; Canada)
SLOStudent Life Organization (Frankfurt, Germany)
SLOStudent Liaison Officer (various universities; UK)
SLOSingapore Lyric Opera (Singapore; est. 1990)
SLOSpecial Liquor Order (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board)
SLOSenior Liaison Officer
SLOspace liaison officer (US DoD)
SLOSlow Above
SLOSociété Limousine d'Odonatologie (French: Limousin Society of Odanatology)
SLOStrictly Localized Orbital
SLOScholarships Liaison Officer
SLOSuspension Lockout System
SLOSociété Luxembourgeoise d'Oncologie (French: Luxembourg Society of Oncology)
SLOSignificant Learning Opportunity (euphemism)
SLOShared Learning Outcomes
SLOSubmarine Liaison Officer
SLOSubject Line Only (e-mail)
SLOSingle Line Only
SLOSpanish Language Outreach (program)
SLOService Learning Office (various schools)
SLOScanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (eye examination tool)
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So when the 6000 arrived, it was decided that the company's first press, the ws4000, would be the press to start up Digital Dogma SLO.
In dogs with SLO, damage takes place at the root level about three to four months before the nail becomes visible.
Using the fixation module of the SLO, I watched as the patient fixated the fixation cross, saved an image showing the location of the cross on the retina, and recorded my impression of the fixation behavior relative to the lesion and the fovea in a drawing or with words or both.
Following a series of brand-building efforts by United States Beverage, SLO has experienced substantial growth in California.
The video output from the SLO captures what is seen through the SLO as it is being looked at -- visual sequences of the "looking retina" that can be framed and printed.
SLE and SLO teachers kept weekly logs documenting the time spent in, and the nature of, reflection activities.
We analyzed plasma from eight patients (ages 2 weeks to 33 years) who had the characteristic clinical signs and symptoms of SLO.
Today, these four have merged into one strong entity known simply as the SLO Credit Union.
Leadership SLO also thrives because of the generous and diverse pool of volunteer speakers and organizers who come share their experience and insight year after year,” said Sandi Sigurdson, executive director of Leadership SLO and graduate of Class I.
the first is at VinoVenue wine bar in San Francisco (see the May '05 issue for more information), according to SLO Vintners spokesperson, Margaret Zuech, president of its board of directors.
Under the current program, Los Angeles Police Department captains determine whether an SLO is put on duty or in a patrol car.
Bringing Matthew on board reflects SLO Brewing's ongoing commitment to produce a premium craft brew that captures the essence of the region it serves," says Ron Ziomek, western region general manager for USB, which provides sales and support for the brand.