SLOAPSpace Left Over After Planning (urban design & town planning)
SLOAPStudent Learning Outcomes Assessment Program
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Tenders are invited for different types of soils in various areas with 2 labourer (1 crew operator A 1 helper),machinery and the cost of all materials to dig soil by using machinery for peripheral trench around forest block with the measurements of 2 mtr upside width x 1.5 metre bottom widthx 2metre depth (with flat 20 metre interval with the support of gradient and sloap) etc.
Ken points out that so little value has been accorded to public space in the recent past that planners simply used the acronym SLOAP (space left over after planning) as a catch-all descriptive category of this vital urban resource.
First the van broke down, and while Lisa was up to her arms in engine oil the men sloaped off to the nearest pub where Zac ran into an old mate (and as it turned out old flame of Lisa's) Wally otherwise known as Firecracker because of his explosives expertise.