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SLOBStructured Large Object
SLOBSame Lingual, Opposite Buccal (dental radiography)
SLOBSilly Little Oracle Benchmark
SLOBSeparate Line of Business (rules for testing retirement plans)
SLOBSecret Language of Birds (Ian Anderson music album)
SLOBSlow Ball (cricket ball delivery)
SLOBSupport Locally Owned Businesses (San Diego, CA)
SLOBSecured Lease Obligation Bond
SLOBSwitch with Large Optical Buffers (optical networking)
SLOBSlow Optical Buffer
SLOBStructured Large Object (programming)
SLOBSuperio-Lateral Outcropping Bonegraft
SLOBSlow Moving or Obsolete Stock/Inventory
SLOBSegments Left On Base
SLOBSuper Lazy Organic Blogging (System)
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But Chelmsford resident Andrew Hardy said, "I'd love to slob out, but I can't as I'm working as a security guard on Christmas Day.
The SLOB regulations are critical for purposes of testing minimum coverage and participation requirements for qualified retirement plans under sections 410(b) and 401(a)(26) of the Internal Revenue Code, respectively.
OTTAWA -- After five weeks of intense competition between slobs from all across North America, MyFax, one of the leading Internet fax services, today announced that Susan Johnson of California has won the $10,000 Grand Prize in the MyFax Messy Office Contest.
The 36-year-old, who married Argentine actress Luisana Lopilto, 24, earlier this year, told RTE Guide: "I'm the biggest slob ever.
The supermodel was doing her best impression of Waynetta Slob when she snuck out for a sneaky cigarette in London this week.
London, May 20 (ANI): Kate Moss seemed to have stepped over the Waynetta Slob jibe nd got back to her glossy self in a new photoshoot for Topshop.
The mega-muscled wrestler, 21, reveals he used to be a fat slob when a sports injury left him bed-bound and caused his weight to rocket by eight stone in two years.
TELLY slob Jim Royle has put the boot into Big Brother housemates - for lazing about in their armchairs all day.
And -- the thing that really separates Smith from all the lesser slob comedy talents -- a whole lot smarter.
Queer Eye Vegas The Fab 5 try their luck in Sin City as they continue to make over the unkempt and culturally challenged, one slob at a time.
FOUR WORDS: KEEP YOUR LOCKER CLEAN "I'm not a major slob, but keeping your locker clean makes you organized--and easier to find stuff for your next class.
Early on, possibly before noon, Slob hit a solid grind in the very over-vert pocket for second place.