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SLOBSStreamlabs Open Broadcaster Software
SLOBSStudy Leaders Own Bible Study (religious program)
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However, we have our local slobs who are ready, willing and able to duplicate and even exceed the visitors.
Then she giggled, before adding: "We're more like Wayne and Waynetta Slob.
The reason I'm pecking out this letter is not to basically complain about address slobs, but to impart some homestead knowledge.
Harry's co-star in his TV series, Kathy Burke, had left her Waynetta Slob outfit at home.
30) This requirement alone will hinder many employers from obtaining status as operating qualified SLOBs, since their employee populations will not meet the 50-person threshold.
OTTAWA -- After five weeks of intense competition between slobs from all across North America, MyFax, one of the leading Internet fax services, today announced that Susan Johnson of California has won the $10,000 Grand Prize in the MyFax Messy Office Contest.
SOMETIMES it feels like we live in a nation of slobs.
Give these lazy slobs a bus service of their own away from the other passengers who don't deserve this upset every time they board a bus.
So much soap nowadays consists of one-dimensional bad-tempered, bickering, wingeing slobs - playing themselves.
And there are always some slobs and idiots who make it look bad.
Think: Snooty Brits Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie, the Simon Cowells of hygiene, visit the homes of slobs and carry on like they're imprisoned at Abu Ghraib in this reality comedy.
I know plenty of men, gay and straight, who are neat as pins and plenty of women who are slobs.