SLOCASt. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness
SLOCAServices to Livestock Owners in Communal Areas (subsidy scheme; Botswana)
SLOCASmall Loss of Coolant Accident
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We calculate its value according to a CA reputation as well as its CPQ and its SLoCA. So, the aforementioned parameters are combined by the trust calculator using the weighted average method to compute a TLoCA value, as represented in equation 6:
Hence, the weight value assigned to RepScore must be lower than that of CPQ and SLoCA. It is equal to 0.26.
Trust level calculation Function trustlevel (idCA,RepScore,CPQ,SLoCA,n,k) Input : idCA id of a CA RepScore is a CA reputation score CPQ is a CA certificate policy quality SLoCA is a CA security level n is a threshold value k is CHs number that provide their feedback Output: TLoCA is a CA trust level 1.
In this case, we calculate a TLoCA using two parameters CPQ and SLoCA. According to the table 3, the SLoCA value is 0.5.
TLoCA = 0.5 * CPQ CC0.5 * SLoCA SS0.5 * 0.5 000.5 * 0.75