SLOCOGSan Luis Obispo Council of Governments (California)
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The selected firm(s) will be required to submit draft fiscal/compliance audits to SLOCOG and the audited agency(s) in conformance with the specifications set forth in Attachment A no later than December 1 of each audit year, with final reports due no later than December 31 of each audit year unless a time extension is requested in writing and granted by the SLOCOG Executive Director.
To prepare: *Fiscal/compliance audits for Transportation Development Act (TDA) fund recipients, and of TDA trust funds in the San Luis Obispo area, *Single Audits of SLOCOG, the San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority (RTA), and South County Transit (SCT) if applicable ; *Fiscal/compliance audit of SLOCOG s Service Authority for Freeways and Expressways (SAFE); and /*Fiscal/compliance audit of SLOCOG s State Highway Account trust fund
City of Morro In the city of Morro Bay, at Quintana Road Bay and on Morro Bay Boulevard and Route 1 north SLOCOG bound off ramp.