SLOODLESecond Life Object-Oriented Distributed Learning Environment
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The team with the highest overall score wins and all student interactions in the VW are recorded back into SLOODLE for future assessment and review.
Sloodle Advanced Developmental-- Connects Moodle to Second has been in active use Life and OpenSim.
Thus, e.g., if a teacher using Sloodle wants to include an activity in a physical space, she would need to use another system, probably not integrated so seamlessly with the rest of the technological support.
In a different way, teachers may design learning situations with Sloodle by using Moodle's user interface.
Colloquium: SLOODLE: Connecting VLE tools with emergent teaching practice in Second Life.
It is part of a larger music-themed demonstration course for the SLOODLE project, with the quizHUD section consisting of three main Explore-mode features:
The preliminary evaluation of the quizHUD was conducted during demonstrations of the technology at two workshop sessions, which were part of broader demonstrations of the SLOODLE project, using the music-themed course mentioned above.
Thirdly, it should be possible to have an integrated and holistic view of students' learning patterns, due to a transparently navigation across services, with a unique credential, that quickly can occur in a multimodal enriched learning environment (SLOODLE fails in this aspect, because it only offers the connection between Moodle and Second Life--not with the different academic services and tools, such as e-mail, repositories, videoconferencing, etc.).
Moreover, projects such as the aforementioned SLOODLE (Livingstone & Kemp, 2008), simply outline how it is possible to integrate Second Life Virtual World and Moodle.
The integration between them has also been explored through initiatives such as SLOODLE (Kemp & Lingstone, 2006; Gonzalez & Blanco, 2008).