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SLOOPSharing Learning Objects in an Open Perspective (EU)
SLOOPSpatial Localization with Optimal Pointspread Function (chemical concentrations discovery tool)
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My men were sent by an equal division into both the pirate ships, and my sloop new manned.
Accordingly, he got hands, and finished the sloop in a very few days, for she was already framed; and I gave the master of her such instructions that he could not miss the place; nor did he, as I had an account from my partner afterwards.
Among the rest of the supplies sent to my tenants in the island, I sent them by the sloop three milch cows and five calves; about twenty-two hogs, among them three sows; two mares, and a stone- horse.
At this moment they were hailed by a voice from the sloop and a few seconds later men, servants and baggage were aboard.
#150 in money, then a sloop load of horses, cows, hogs, and stores'; and so on to the thumb again.
"Based on records of known wrecks in this area, the most likely candidate for the identity of this vessel is the sloop Endeavour.
Sloop also went over how to store the items we are keeping, where to take items to donate, how to display keepsakes, and much more.
Founded in 2011 as a farmer's market staple, Sloop opened its first production facility in Elizaville.
He later served in the sloops HMS Sylph, HMS Hermes and HMS Venus, and in 1802 John joined the 74-gun HMS Magnificent as master, switching to HMS Leviathan on December 23, 1803.
The American-built, Canadian-owned sloop was discovered at the bottom of Lake Ontario via side scan sonar and the ship's identity was confirmed through a remotely operated underwater vehicle.
The Camp Sloop business and database will now be integrated into the operations of Nurture My Child.