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SLOOPSharing Learning Objects in an Open Perspective (EU)
SLOOPSpatial Localization with Optimal Pointspread Function (chemical concentrations discovery tool)
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My men were sent by an equal division into both the pirate ships, and my sloop new manned.
I granted this presently, and joined my Englishman with them: and we concealed the man, and his wife and daughters, on board our ship, till the sloop put out to go to sea; and then having put all their goods on board some time before, we put them on board the sloop after she was got out of the bay.
Among the rest of the supplies sent to my tenants in the island, I sent them by the sloop three milch cows and five calves; about twenty-two hogs, among them three sows; two mares, and a stone- horse.
The American-built, Canadian-owned sloop was discovered at the bottom of Lake Ontario via side scan sonar and the ship's identity was confirmed through a remotely operated underwater vehicle.
The Camp Sloop business and database will now be integrated into the operations of Nurture My Child.
The Next Generation Panel on Thursday featured panelists Art Davis of Colony Insurance Company, Mike Miller of Scottsdale Insurance, Ben Sloop of AmWINS Access and Hank Haldeman of the Sullivan Group, and current president of NAPSLO.
I have no doubt The Sloop will remain a firm favourite of all those who decamp to it from across Pembrokeshire and it will remain a pub I fell in love with for all the right reasons.
Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc announced today that it has appointed David Sloop director, X-ray Vascular business unit.
5m, rig: Bermuda sloop, built: 1972, entered by: Sailing North East, homeport: Hartlepool Challenge Wales, flag UK, length: 21.
30pm) Ar S4C heno cawn gyfle arall i fwynhau taith Dewi Pws Borthgain lle mae o'n ymweld e thafarn Y Sloop.
Lisvane plumber Mark Berridge and the Sloop Dogg Choir have so far racked up more than 100,000 YouTube views of the song praising Wales' rugby world cup sensations on YouTube.