SLORCState Law and Order Restoration Council
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The SLORC regime initiated Burma's transition toward a market-oriented economy using an open-door policy.
The SLORC ruled by martial law until national parliamentary elections were held in May 1990.
The suits charge a conspiracy between SLORC and its petrochemical partners, Unocal and the French oil giant Total, that has caused human rights violations, including coerced labor, the forced removal of villagers, murder, rape and other torture, during construction of the pipeline.
Beginning in 1991, several multinational oil companies began negotiating with SLORC about possible oil and gas ventures in Burma.
For a mere $400,000 a year, Jefferson-Waterman undertakes to sweeten the reputation of Burma's military junta, the State Law and Order Council -- affectionately known as SLORC.
The SLORC reinstated martial law, gatherings of more than four people were punishable by imprisonment, a night curfew was imposed, and military tribunals replaced the civil courts.
Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy won 80% of the seats; SLORC captured just 2%.
They assert that Myanmar's government uses foreign investment to shore up the military, and that the SLORC will do anything - even provide slave labor - in order to foster goodwill.
The SLORC government has massacred pro-democracy demonstrators (including students and Buddhist monks) in 1988, suppressed political dissent before and since, engaged in large-scale forced labor, probably collaborated in opium/ heroin trafficking, and annulled the results of a democratic election in 1990 while imprisoning the leader of the democratic movement, Nobel Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi.
She informed the public that she would readily meet the representatives of the ruling SLORC to try to determine a joint approach to find out a solution to the problems of her country.
But SLORC may conquer the region with a natural gas pipeline for the benefit of international oil companies.
The government, composed of nineteen senior military commanders holding cabinet posts, has since ruled Myanmar's forty-three million inhabitants through a State Law and Order Restoration Council, known by the sinister-sounding acronym of SLORC.