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SLOSHSwedish Longitudinal Occupational Survey of Health (est. 2006)
SLOSHSea, Lake & Overland Surge From Hurricane (program)
SLOSHSan Luis Obispo Senior High (California)
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As can be seen from the above literature survey, most of the research on automotive slosh noise generation is restricted to test conditions, which are very empirical in nature and therefore, do not clearly explain the mechanism of slosh noise generation and its propagation.
NASA's research into the effects of fuel slosh includes modeling the response in full-sized tanks using equipment such as the spinning slosh test rig (SSTR).
Lakers, for whom he had starred, after a short stint, lie couldn't stomach the attitude the money slosh had bred.
All of the slosh featured in the show is mixed on site by , Steve Cressy at the beginning of Act 1.
We agreed that if dancing gives you a body like that we're taking it up - even though anything other than the slosh at this stage may prove a strain.
These Colts will never be compared to the greatest of Super Bowl champions, but they took everything the disappointing Bears could slosh at them, and Mother Nature.
Now The Slosh is sweeping the nation again - thanks to Comic Relief and funnyman Peter Kay.
It's Brooks' appreciation of the bobo project that makes this book more than just facile pop slosh.
Anyone who has had a broken heart can relate to the Joy Division lyric "Love will tear us apart" but it's also a great song to do The Slosh to.
DEAR FIONA: If my friend mentions her new job just once more I am going to slosh her
Chances are the El Segundo native will have to slosh through puddles of mud and a slippery six-kilometer surface to improve upon her 30th-place finish at the event last year, and she will probably end up looking more like a mud wrestler than an elite runner when she's finished.